Bath Time Best Practices

Bath Time Best Practices

We all know it's fun to see a bath bomb explode or to sprinkle a ton of dust into the bathwater and enjoy the bursts of scents, but with all that fun, there are some responsibilities. Let's take a look at how we can have fun, be safe, and take charge of our self-care!


To Hold, or not to Hold.

Holding a bath bomb throughout the release process can be fun and interesting, however, holding a bath bomb while in the bath may stain your hands. This usually goes away in a few hours. To avoid this, try not to hold a bath bomb for a long period of time. 

Be Healthy, Stay Healthy. 

Warning: Since we are dipping our entire bodies into the bathwater, relaxing and having a soak, we must make sure to completely wash off by having a shower thereafter. 

You want to ensure that all products ( just like soap) are washed off of your body completely. As a reminder, copious amounts of Mica ( plastic-free glitter) may irritate and dehydrate your private areas. So make sure to rinse your body thoroughly. 

*Infections or irritations are possible, if this is the case, contact your doctor. 

Bath bombs and soaps, in general, are known to throw off the body's natural PH balance. So, bathing in glitter, artificial pigment, and surfactants have the potential to harm, irritate, or leave your private areas infected. 

 After the Shower:

It is always a safe best practice to wipe out remaining micas and rinse down your bathtub of any remaining bath product residue. This will help ensure the bathtub is less likely to be slippery for the next person stepping in. Laying down a non-slip bathtub mat may also be a good idea. 

 That's it! Follow these steps and recommendations from your doctor and you should be well on your way. Take charge of your self-care!

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